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Community Healing

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Who is Ru Camp? .... We Are All Ru Camp

Ru Camp Beginning

After over a year of training troubled youth in Orlando yards, parks, and garages; Coach Ruben and Audra Saldaña along with Victoria Loveland began Ru Camp in the beginning of 2015 with a vision to create a Safe Place for kids that could provide a multifaceted support and mentoring organization giving kids and families the support and outlet to better manage troubled youth creating stronger communities and brighter futures for our children. 

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It Takes a Village

We provide local youth with the tools to have better self esteem, healthy lifestyle choices, time management, discipline, respect, character building, leadership skills, and much more.

Our children and families support initiative gives mentorship in order to create stronger communities, crime prevention, and bright futures.

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Ru Camp

Recent News report of Ruben Saldana and the Ru Camp Movement

Credible Messenger Mentors

As Credible Messengers it is up to us to heal our communities

Ru Camp

Credible Messengers of Florida

It's time to give back

Ru Camp Story

Ruben Saldana and Ru Camp

Gloves Up Guns Down

Coach Ruben works hard to go to the streets and promote positive life choices.

Gloves up, Guns Down

Clinton Lacey - Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services

"No Child should forever be punished for their worse decision or worst day...."

- Clinton Lacey

The Ru Camp Movement

Ru Camp
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Coach Ruben and the Ru Camp Story

By the age of 16 Ruben Saldaña had already been incarcerated for gang activities as the former leader of the largest street gang in Miami in the 80’s and 90’s. After serving a total of 19 years of his life in prison, leaving the life of gangs behind him, eventually being baptized by a former gang rival Rene “Level” Martinez, Ruben has set out to leave a positive foot print in the world and live the rest of his life in service to the community as a healer.  

With the vision to heal communities throughout the world, Coach Ruben created the only youth crime prevention after school program at a private school utilizing an MMA. The EPA-MMA team under the direction of Ru Camp ranked #1 in the entire Eastern United States in its first 6 months at winning 5 World Championships by the summer of 2018 in Orlando, FL. 

In 2015 Ruben created Ru Children Animal Mentor Program, the only volunteer program in the United States that trains troubled youth outside for free in MMA at their WestArt District location of Orlando. With beginnings in backyards, concrete jungles, in the most crime ridden neighborhoods of Orlando; Ru Camp kids now compete at the highest levels throughout the United States.  We have recent beginnings in Uganda Africa with an Orphanage helping children learn the arts. 

Ruben is a promotor for the United States Fight League (Eastern Division); the oldest and most prestigious youth MMA League in the United States and the official youth arm for our future inclusion in the Olympics. He was assigned the special responsibility under our youth character development to build bridges with our youth and law enforcement, military and first responders. As a member of the United States Fight League, Ru Camp adheres to all policies and procedures of the League which are much more strenuous than what is required by law including a strict “No Head Shot” policy for the after school program.

After attending the Credible Messenger Justice Center at the Department of Probation in New York City for certification in Nonviolent Conflict Resolution, he was invited to Washington DC’s first Credible Messenger Summit; hosted by the Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services Director and backed by the Mayor of Washington DC, in honor of his community work. While in City University of New York he met the former United States Secretary of Education under the Obama administration, Mr. John King Jr. He invited Ruben to an event hosted by the Education Trust and Ladies of Hope Ministries in Washington DC, supporting formally incarcerated woman of excellence. The Credible Messenger Initiative plays an essential role in the Ru Camp’s vision. Ru Camp is more than an MMA program it is a movement to heal communities which begins with our children but includes rehabilitation and support for All members of our communities. 

The Ru Camp’s Credible Messengers of Florida initiative is based on the following four principles:

· Professional Re-Entry for Returning Citizens

· Youth Crime Prevention with Credible Messengers

· Restorative Justice

· Higher Education for Returning Citizens

Our recent expansion plans include Florida City, FL, Homestead, FL (Both in the Miami Area) and Philadelphia, PA. In Ruben’s words, “this is not a job or a program, this is a movement and obligation to take back our children and strengthen the foundation of All members of our communities”.

Contact us to see how we can continue expansion in your city or how you can help support the Ru Camp Movement. 

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Jon Frank — Orange, CA

teen behavioral health
out of control teens
community help
United States fight league

Ruben has a well established record of volunteerism, from training at Risk kids in the streets, his backyard and everywhere in-between to his community clean up projects showing it is inventible for him to devote more than his "paid shift" to these same endeavors. My background as a retired Inspector for the United States Marshals Service has put me in contact with numerous who label themselves as "rehabilitated felons" . In my experience Ruben is one of the rare exceptions that he embodies this term not by proclamations but by actions.

Cindy Claytor — Orlando, FL

Cindy Clayton
Ru Camp 
Ru Camp Orlando
Elite Preparatory
Help At Risk teens

I didn't know what to do with my boys. Ruben and Audra have been a Blessing to our family. They have been with the program for years. Thanks to Ru Camp they are successful young men who are working towards great futures! Thank you Ru Camp!!

Dr Keith Sudyod Morreira — Jacksonville, FL

Ru Camp Jacksonville
Ru Camp Orlando
Ru Camp Miami
help at risk youth
community program

Mr. Ruben Saldana has paid his debt to society and not only has rehabilitated himself but become a benchmark citizen of his community that has dedicated his new life to keeping at risk youth off the streets and out of gang activity. There are many programs that have tried to accomplish this goal, but I am hard pressed to think of another program that has demonstrated continued success of keeping at risk youth out of the criminal justice system. 

Dr. Keith L Morreira

Phoenix Rising Ministries, Pastor

24 year veteran, U.S. Air Force

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